Leader and Media Guides to A Christian Guide to Spirituality Now Available

1_Hagia_Sophia_book_cover_front_web_6x9_07282014This past week was launch week for A Christian Guide to Spirituality.  The printer, CreateSpace, set up the webpage on Amazon.com much faster than anticipated.  This meant that a week’s worth of work had to be done in a couple days.  Please excuse the departure from my normal posting routine here on T2Pneuma.net.

Because A Christian Guide to Spirituality is both a devotional and a study in Christian spirituality, it should make for an interesting focus for a small group or church-wide study.  One activity that kept me busy this past week was preparing a Leader Guide to the book. The Leader Guide provides an overview of the book both in the form of a post (text) and You-Tube video.  Volume discounts are available for church leaders making purchases [1].

Because of changes in the production and marketing of books in recent years, authors need to publicize their own books. Currently, A Christian Guide to Spirituality has its own website (T2Pneuma.com).  The website also includes a Media Guide specifically designed to assist media personal in developing online and “live” interviews with me, the author.  The Media Guide takes the form of a series of question for the interviewer to pose and my response in form of both a post (text) and a You-Tube video.  While the Leader Guide focuse on the book, the Media Guide focuses more on the author and process of writing.

Books have been written on the many things that author-publishers need to do in writing, designing, and launching books.  The process is both terribly interesting and a bit intimidating.  I appreciate your willingness to follow along with me in this journey and I hope that you will consider using A Christian Guide to Spirituality in your devotions and recommend it to your family, friends, and church group.

If you would like to help get the word out on a A Christian Guide to Spirituality, please mention the website (T2Pneuma.com) on social media.

Thank you.


[1] Get 20% off the list price on orders of 10 or more books at www.CreateSpace.com/4669702.  On checkout, enter this code (U7REX9Q4).  For  orders of 50 or more books, receive 30% off by entering code (83WZLNW4).

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