Anniversary– Celebrates First Year

September marks the first anniversary of the establishment of!  This past year in September, I wrote my book, A Christian Guide to Spirituality.  I began blogging after I had a draft in hand, in part, because publishers like authors that blog.  As a lifelong writer, however, I was soon hooked and discovered that blogging could also extend my ministry.

It is always interesting to see what posts are most popular.  Below is a list of all the posts which were visited at least 20 times during the past year.  Reviews are popular, in part, because authors and publishers often pass them around among their own readers.

Why did I include the graphics?  I have learned over the year that the most popular posts are often also the ones with the best graphics.  It is no accident, for example, that the only Bible study lesson (Galatians 2:  Jews and Gentiles) and only sermon (The Problem of Pain) to make the list also had great graphics.

Thank you for being a faithful reader!


Title and LinkGraphicVisitsType
Turansky and Miller: Hope and Guidance for ParentsParenting_review_0716201462Review
Vote on a Book Cover for A Christian Guide to SpiritualityAvailable on Amazon.com59Survey
Metaxas: Bonhoeffer’s Times and OursBonhoeffer_0624201449Review
RPC Sharpens Shorts; Gets Buy Shorts_0930201337Review
Results of Book Cover SurveyAvailable on Amazon.com37Statistics
Galatians 2: Jews and Gentiles Art by Stephen W. Hiemstra33Bible
Detweiler: Taming the Electronic BeastArt by Stephen W. Hiemstra31Review
Plueddemann Demystified Leadership Across CultureArt by Stephen W. Hiemstra30Review
Exercise Nuts Live Longer; Live BetterYoungerNextYear_1026201329Review
Single but not Alone: Soul VirginArt by Stephen W. Hiemstra26Review
A New Life in an Old Land by Thomas SmithTom and Ana Smith23Guest
Present Suffering and Future Glory: A Chaplain’s Reflection by Aaron GordonAaron Gordon21Guest
The Problem of Pain, Psalm 51:10 Art  in Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC21Sermon
Sabbath Rest as Cultural Firewall by BrueggemannArt by Stephen W. Hiemstra20Review
Keller Engages Galatians; Speaks Gospel Keller_1230201320Review
Butterfield Journeys from PC to JC Art by Stephen W. Hiemstra20Review
Farewell to SlopFest by Pastor Brian ClarkSlopFest 201320Guest
Music Therapy by Jessica Hiemstra Jessica Hiemstra20Guest
Maxwell Wins by Learning; Inspires Hope Learn_1122201320Review
Sande Resolves Conflicts; Makes Peace Peacemaker_0102201420Review

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