Kindle Edition of A Christian Guide to Spirituality Now Available

Available on
Available on

This morning a Kindle Edition of A Christian Guide to Spirituality was released and is available for purchase on

Details about both the paperback and Kindle editions are available at:

For those of you unfamiliar with Kindle Books, you do not need to buy a Kindle to read Kindle books. publishes a number of free Kindle readers.  Personally, I like the Kindle reader for PC, but there is also one for IPhone which I use.

Kindle is preferred by many readers because:

  1. Kindle books are cheaper,
  2. You can make the typeface really big,
  3. It is portable on your phone or computer, and
  4. The entire book is searchable.

Authors that I have read claim that EBook users read more books than anyone else and that they make more money on EBook sales than paperback book sales.

Perhaps you asking why it took me so long to come out with a Kindle version?  The paperback version is rendered in a fixed, Adobe Acrobat format, while Kindle (and other EBooks) are a flexible, *.mobi format.  For the former, I had to learn to use Adobe InDesign to get things done right; for the latter, I had to learn to Scrivener—a popular authoring program (  Needless to say, learning new software does take time.

In addition to the book reviews available on, I recommend that you look at an academic review published this week by Michael A.G. Haykin.

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