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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Post by Stephen W. Hiemstra

The top ten posts on appeal to surprising mix of audiences and represent a diverse set of topics and genres.

The single, most popular topic was a survey that I took of 4 prospective cover designs for my book, A Christian Guide to Spirituality.  Demographic questions included in this survey revealed that about half of those responding were under the age of 30 and only 70 percent indicated their religious preference as Christian.

Seven of the ten most popular posts were book reviews.  In some sense, this is not surprising because authors and publishers often re-tweet these reviews, which dramatically expands the prospective audience for the reviews. Still, the range of topics covered by these reviews is wide extending from leadership and sexuality to family systems and from biography to modern technology.

The most popular guest post was by Thomas Smith who is a Christian missionary in Croatia.

The only Bible study to make the top ten was Galatians 2: Jews and Gentiles.  About a quarter of all my posts are Bible studies so clearly such studies are under-represented in this list.  While this post does have a beautiful graphic, it also treats a terribly important theological subject.

Two classes of posts conspicuously missing from this list are my Sunday prayers and a Spanish language post.  Sunday prayers are generally popular during individual weeks.  Spanish language posts are responsible for vastly expanding my readership geographically.  Neither types of posts, however, compete easily with book reviews which have strong social media advocates.

Happy New Year from!

Title and Link


Vote on a Book Cover for A Christian Guide to Spirituality, Results of Book Cover Survey 101
Turansky and Miller: Hope and Guidance for Parents 66
Plueddemann Demystified Leadership Across Culture 52
Metaxas: Bonhoeffer’s Times and Ours 51
Galatians 2: Jews and Gentiles 36
Detweiler: Taming the Electronic Beast 36
Heifetz and Linsky Lead through Adversity 35
Single but not Alone: Soul Virgin 30
A New Life in an Old Land by Thomas Smith 30
Friedman Brings Healing by Shifting Focus from Individuals to the Family 28


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