22. Prayers of a Life in Tension by Stephen W. Hiemstra

Prayers_of_a_Life_in_Tension_webCreator God,
We praise you for creating us in your image, complete in ourselves yet complementary with one another. In you and by your hand, we are never alone. Thank you. Gently remind us of our limitations so as to grow them—remind us when we are tired of the times and the seaons of life; remind us when we are forgetful that we need to keep our promises and realize our potential; remind us when we neglect ourselves, our neighbors, and you that we are not alone and not intended to be alone. Forgive us; restore us; redeem us—teach us to imitate you as you do so that we might grow more and more like you every day. May we ever hunger and thirst for your presence day by day. Through the power of your Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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