33. Prayers for a Life in Tension by Stephen W. Hiemstra


Great Physician, Prince of Peace, Lord of the Sabbath,

Where can we find peace but with you? Holy Spirit grant us your peace. As our bodies are at war within us… We want to be filled with your peace, impatiently filling our stomachs beyond need and beyond capacity looking for you but finding only the refrigerator. repeatedly popping pills for the unsightly ailments real and imagined needing you but but not making room for you in our busy schedules. Heal our hearts, bodies, and minds; grant us your peace.

Where can we find peace but with you? Jesus grant us your peace. As our relationships are in tadders… We want to be faithful children and parents and spouses imprudently grasping first after our own goals, looking to be served by those around us rather than serving, jealously demanding more from others than from ourselves. Heal our families and relationships; grant us your peace.

Where can we find peace but with you? Gentle Father grant us your peace. As we neglect our fellowship with you.., we want to be faithful worshipers, servants, and ministers, serving you but more nearly trying to get our own way, unfaithfully constructing idols of things great and small, hoping in total foolishness to bribe and control you. Forgive our sin; look beyond our transgressions; pardon our iniquity.

Grant us your abundant peace, in Jesus’ previous name, Amen.

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