40. Prayers of a Life in Tension by Stephen W. Hiemstra


Cover for Prayers of a Life in Tension40. Prayers of a Life in Tension

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Almighty God,

In our youth, you gave us the law so that our feet would not stumble. In our mid-life journey where scholars offer knowledge and computers offer information, you offer us wisdom. In our seniority you rewarded our sacrifices, giving our vineyard and trees great fruit. We praise you and give you the glory. You have swallowed up death forever, wiped away our tears, and set our feet on solid ground setting straight the reproach of our enemies (Isa 25:8). We praise you and give you the glory. Remember now your church in the storms of deprivation, national strife, and scandalous trials. Give your people eyes that see, ears that hear, and leaders that lead where you would have us go. Bless us with your conspicuous presence by the power of your Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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