Prayer When Daylight Fades

Dried, Yellow Roses, Photo by Stephen W. Hiemstra
Dried, Yellow Roses, Photo by Stephen W. Hiemstra

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

God of the day and the night,

Oh Lord, God of my youth when days were long and nights were short,

be especially near now as twilight approaches and I feel all alone.

Remind me of the times we shared, the beaches we walked, and the forests we explored,

when each discovery was a blessing to share with you and with those near me,

when hope was founded on the newest of life and your constant companionship,

and I did not know how to fear or what to fear or when to fear,

because everything was fresh and new and bright

and my candy bag was bigger than me and I could wear any costume with equal glee.

Oh Lord, God of my elder days as nights grow longer and the days seem to slip by,

be especially near as twilight sneaks up on me and feel less energetic.

Guard my heart in my weaker moments and bless me with your wisdom,

when my own wisdom seems shallow and my need ever so great.

Remind me that we still share time together

and that the freshness of our time is more than the newness of youth.

In the power of your Holy Spirit,

grant me strong hands to support me when my own hands fail

and the strength to carry your light though the darkness seems all too near.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer When Daylight Fades

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