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The list of the most popular posts at yearend always makes interesting reading and the 2016 list is no exception. (Click on the post titles to view the post). Here is the listing:

Plueddemann Demystified Leadership Across Culture 71
Martinez Family Ministry: OASIS Mission in Manassas VA 61
La Promoción con Kindle Termina esta Semana 46
The Owl 41
Open Letter to Our President Elect, Donald Trump 28
Joy Riding 26
Living into the Image 22
Vietnam 22
Koerner Explains DBT and Supporting Skills 20
Germany 18

The most popular post in 2016 was a book review written on March 31, 2014. The title is:

James E. Plueddemann.  2009.  Leading Across Cultures:  Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church.  Downers Grove:  IVP Academic.

The topic is leadership in world missions and the book is both informative and controversial.

The second most popular post was a guest blog featuring Pastor Julio Martinez.

Pastor Julio is from Mexico and felt called to plant a church in Manassas, VA. He also has a lively Spanish-language radio show on Tuesday evenings (click on the post for more information).

The third post was an ad that I promoted on Facebook and through Kindle in Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for my Spanish title:  Una Guía Cristiana a la Espiritualidad. During the fall, I abstracted the prayers from this book and published them as a separate eBook in Kindle and EPUB.

The fourth post, The Owl, reflects on a psychology class experience at Parkdale Senior High School. The sixth post, Joy Riding, also focused on my time in high school. The same is true of the eighth post, Vietnam.

The fifth post featured an open letter to president-elect, Donald Trump, the day after the election.

The seventh post is the sermon, Living into the Image, that I preached on September 4th at my oldest daughter, Christine’s, wedding.

The ninth post is a book reviewing an important new approach in psychology for dealing with borderline personality disorder, which was previously held to be untreatable.

The tenth post talks about my experiences traveling and living in Germany as a foreign exchange student.

What is surprising about this list of popular posts? It is perhaps not obvious that both highly technical (leadership in missions; treating mental illness) and highly emotional posts (high school experiences) made the list. It is perhaps also not obvious that Spanish language posts would get a lot of attention.

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