Prayer for the Church

Ceramic_church_April_16_2012Almighty God, Beloved Son, Spirit of Truth:

We praise you for your mercy, compassion, patience, covenantal love, and truth.

We give thanks for your church, especially Centreville Presbyterian Church, the manifestation of your Holy Spirit, the nurturer of our faith, the community of believers, the organizer of service, the refuge in the storm.

We confess that we the church have not listened to your spirit; we have not always cherished your word; we have not always been salt and light; we have not always borne the burden of others or been a refuge to the weary.

Reconcile her to yourself; revive her faith, return her to your word, embolden her salt and light, strengthen her in perilous times, grant her peace in the midst of chaos.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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