Prayer Dialogue

Grandaughters by Sharron Deacon BeggBy Stephen W. Hiemstra

Oh dear Lord:

Hear me; answer my prayer; righteous God whom I follow; for you have rescued me from suffering; be even more gracious and listen to my prayer again.

I hear you, but how long must I endure your shaming me? How long oh righteous blowhard will you prefer lies to my word? For I have set my people apart from all this and hear them when they pray.

Do not sin when you get mad; reflect quietly on your actions; trust me and worship truthfully.

Do not listen to those that wait on miracles and wait for me to bless and lead you in every step.

Oh Lord, you fill my life with joy more than banquets and fine wine.

For in you, my mind is at rest; I am at ease and can sleep knowing that I am safe.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Taken from Psalm 4

Prayer Dialogue

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