Prayer for Living Water

Manassas baptism, 2017By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Good Shepherd:

Do not leave me alone in this weary land,

where the dust and stand blow in my eyes,

where the heat is good only for raising scorpions,

where I may perish in my own sin and be cut off from people

and where foolish hearts lead people astray (Rom 1:21).

Strike the rock that is my heart with your staff,

that my heart may become wise  and through your Holy Spirit

bring forth springs of living water from which many may drink (Exod 17:6).

And that I too might be saved.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Living Water

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    1. Almighty Father:
      We praise you for the people of Cape Town. May they ever turn to you in their hour of need and be a witness to the people around them, even the world.
      Bless them with rain and break the drought that has plagued their city. Through the power of your Holy Spirit, fill their reservoirs with clean water that they might drink and be refreshed. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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