Prayer of Adoration

Almighty God,

We will sing to you a new song, spreading out your praise throughout the world.

spreading out your praise throughout the world.

praising your name and telling of your salvation every day.

For you are most glorious and have done marvelous things that none can deny.

Your greatness abounds and we praise you for it,

none can compare and respect for you exceeds all things.

Your beauty and endless majesty form a temple for your worship.

Tell of God’s beauty and majesty, if you can.

Tell of God’s glory, if you can find the words.

Worship him and him alone for his glory and majesty and strength!

Tell the nations what is most obvious: God reigns!

Let heaven be glad, rejoice, let the waters rush and the sea foam; let it rage–

Let the fields praise you; let the forests sing of your glory.

Before the Lord, there is none other

For he will judge the earth in righteous and the people in truth (Ps 96).


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