Prayer for Silence and Solitude

Silence of Drug Free School Zone, Photo by Stephen W. HiemstraBy Stephen W. Hiemstra

Quiet Lord,

All praise and honor be yours as you announce your presence in silence.

The oceans roar, volcanos explode, and the thunder thunders,

but you sit with us in peace when we are alone,

respecting our silence our hearts,

letting our voices be heard even when we do not speak.

Teach us to be like you.

Do not let us project our anger, our pain, our emptiness on those around us.

Do not let our childish way yield to childish violence.

Let us honor your peace.

Let us mirror your adult attitudes.

That we might one day be adults ourselves.

Through the power of your Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Silence and Solitude

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  1. Thank you for your posts Stephen. Was missing them some this summer and am glad you are back online. Keep up your good thoughts and prayers and insights.

    1. Elizabeth:

      Thank you for your gracious comments.

      This summer I updated the theme on my blog and moved it to a new hosting platform. In the process, my blog stopped posting in the usual manner and I did not catch the problem for several weeks.

      I apologize for disrupted routine. The postings can still be found online, if you look for them.


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