Ten Most Popular Reviews over Last 12 Months

James Plueddemann, Leadership Across Cultures
Art by Stephen W. Hiemstra

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

It is helpful from time to time to review the most popular postings. Notice how many older postings continue to attract readers even now. The James Plueddemann book, Leading Across Cultures, is consistently the single most popular posting on T2Pneuma. This highly theological textbook is of most interest to missionaries, foreign and domestic.

Review Title (Click to Read)

 Date Posted Views
Plueddemann Demystified Leadership Across Culture 3/31/2014 65
Stone and Duke Encourage Theological Reflection 7/19/2016 30
Nouwen: Make Space for Self, Others, and God 5/3/2016 21
Murrow Invites Churches to be Man-friendly 4/29/2015 19
Teague Gives MailChimp a Spin 12/26/2017 17
Nouwen Describes Leadership Challenges 10/3/2017 14
Meeks Explains Amazon Ads (2) 11/7/2017 12
Heifetz and Linsky Lead through Adversity 6/4/2014 12
Tim Keller Makes Sense, Part 1 10/10/2017 12
Rice Reclaims Reformed Spirituality  12/2/2013 11

Ten Most Popular Reviews over Last 12 Months

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