Prayer Against Entropy

Doldrums, Sand Dune in Ocean City, MarylandBy Stephen W. Hiemstra

Merciful Father,

I praise you for your unchanging character,

your immutability in the face of erosion, pain, and death

for your love conquers all foes,

from the sting of war to the impurity of common dust

that brings disease and biting insects and filth.

I confess that I pale in the present of even tiny obstacles

and fear is a constant companion.

Forgive my timidity, my cowardliness as strength fails me.

In the power of your Holy Spirt,

Instill in me your wisdom and strength to face the day

that I might minister to those around me

and grant me courage to live the life that you intended.

In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Prayer Against Entropy

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