Prayer of Presence

PA Church
Photo by Stephen W. Hiemstra

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Almighty father,

You created us in your image and ushered us into your presence honoring us more than we could ever honor you. Teach us to honor you more every day!

Forgive our unwillingness to usher others into your presence and to honor them as you have honored us. Teach us to honor those around us more every day!

Thank you for the presence of your church in our lives. May it be a light to the world and inspire us in participating in this work. Teach us to love the light and spread it more every day!

In the power of your Holy Spirit, teach us to be a non-anxious presence in our families, church, and work that your name would be praised. May we learn the names of the silent people in our lives and cherish them as friends.

Bless us that we might bless those around us. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Prayer of Presence

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