A Steward’s Prayer

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Lancaster PA
Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Lancaster PA

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Father of All Creation:

We praise and honor you for you created and sustain us even when we are forgetful and negligent of our stewardship duties.

Forgive our neglect of the created world that we live in and depend on for our very lives.

We thank you for life and your Holy Spirit that sustains us and grants us every good and precious gift for existence and ministry.

We beg your patience with us.

In the power of your Holy Spirit, send us gentle reminders of our obligations to those around us and to your beautify earth. Sustain the freshness of our air and the cleanliness of our water. May our dispositions remain as temperate as your weather. Grant us shelter from the inevitable storms of life and may we extend your Gospel to all who would listen.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

A Steward’s Prayer

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