New Year’s Look-back: Top Ten Posts on in 2019

JumpingTop 10 Posts on T2Pneuma in 2019

By Stephen W. Hiemstra


2 Corintios 9: El Don Espiritual de la Generosidad 259
Stone and Duke Encourage Theological Reflection 247
Friedman Brings Healing by Shifting Focus from Individuals to the Family 192
Gálatas 2: Judios y Gentiles 178
Juan 17: La Oración de Intercesión 174
Nouwen: Make Space for Self, Others, and God 126
Prayer Against Dark Shadows 92
Gagnon: Bridging the Bible and Gender Confusion, Part 1 91
1 Corintios 12: Los Dones Espirituales Apuntan al Espíritu Santo 89
Benner Cares Spiritually Through Dialogue—Part 1 85


From time to time it is helpful as an author to assess who reads your posts and which posts are most popular. Shown above are the ten most popular posts for the year ending December 21. A couple of observations stand out on this list.
  1. My most popular post this year was a Bible study written in Spanish. In fact, four of the top ten posts were Bible studies written in Spanish. Meanwhile, no Bible studies written in English made the list.
  2. Half of the posts on the list were reviews of spirituality and theology books. None of my secular book reviews made the list.
  3. The only other category of writing on the list was a prayer. None of my reflections and none of my podcasts made the list.
  4. None of these posts were written in 2019. This either suggests that my writing was under par in 2019, which I do not believe, or that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a key role in discoverability—search engines rate older posts higher than new posts, perhaps because they are better linked.
How did you do in 2019? What will you remember most about this year? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

New Year’s Look-back: Top Ten Posts on in 201

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