Prayer for Godliness

Life_in_Tension_revision_front_20200101By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Father God,

Thank you for sending your son, Jesus Christ, into our lives to draw us closer to you.

Save us from our own evil thoughts and feelings.

Unstop our ears; open our eyes; and flood our hearts with the promptings of your Holy Spirit.

Forgive our sin; redeem us from our transgressions; and cleanse us from our iniquities.

Give us a heart for your word and grant us the mind of Christ.

Teach us to lean on your law and to share your grace that we might become true disciples: honored to hunger and thirst for your righteousness; honored to be merciful; honored to pursue godliness.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace available to us through Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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