Water Cooler Observations, April 15, 2020

Tot_Lot_20200414by Stephen W. Hiemstra

On Easter Sunday I broke quarantine for the first time in six weeks to spend time with my parents. For the first time, we participated in online church, ordered pizza, and hosted a family Zoom conference. Because my parents are both eighty-nine, this was a memorable Easter for them and for me.

If you have never hosted a Zoom conference, go to Zoom.com, register, and get started. A free account will allow you to conference with any number of people for up to forty minutes.

Corona Virus Hot Spots

The United States now has the most corona virus cases and deaths. The mortality rate is currently 4.1 percent, lower than most other hot spots.

Corona Virus Hot Spots:  Cases, Deaths, and Mortality Rates by Countries, April 14, 2020
Countries Region Cases Deaths Mortality rate Share of Cases
United_States_of_America 9 582,594 23,649 4.1% 31.1%
Spain 1 169,496 17,489 10.3% 9.0%
Italy 1 159,516 20,465 12.8% 8.5%
Germany 1 125,098 2,969 2.4% 6.7%
France 1 98,076 14,967 15.3% 5.2%
United_Kingdom 1 88,621 11,329 12.8% 4.7%
China 5 83,303 3,345 4.0% 4.4%
Iran 4 73,303 4,585 6.3% 3.9%
Turkey 4 61,049 1,296 2.1% 3.3%
Belgium 1 30,589 3,903 12.8% 1.6%
Sub-total 1,471,645 103,997 7.1% 78.6%
World 1,873,265 118,854 6.3% 100.0%
Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Cabin Fever

Although I continue taking walks with my wife, Maryam, in the evening, my experience of cabin fever has been especially intense this week. Cabin fever is named for the problem pioneers faced being stuck indoors during long winters with little or nothing to do except get sick, suffer freezing weather, and watch the food supply evaporate.

The plot of a 2014 film with Tommy Lee Jones and Hillary Swank, The Homesman, revolved around returning three pioneer wives that went insane during the winter to their families on account of cabin fever in the 1850s. Mary Bee Cuddy, a spinster played by Hillary Swank, was not one of the three, but she ended up so despondent during the journey that she hung herself along the way.

What do you do to cope with cabin fever?

Gethsemane Moment

Where do you turn when you experience pain?

Reading media accounts of responses to corona virus suggests that many Americans do not turn to God in their time of distress. Alcohol sales are skyrocketing, pet adoptions are up, and many people are having meltdowns.

This is a good time to take an afternoon walk in the sunshine and ask God to draw you closer:

Ever-present father,

I praise you for another day and the many people in my life.

Forgive my aloofness and self-absorption.

Thank you for your hedge of protection in the midst of chaos.

Draw me to yourself. Open my heart; enlighten my mind; strengthen my hands in your service that I might rest with you today and everyday.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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