Evening Lament


By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Blessed Lord Jesus,

Place your hedge of protection around me, Lord, for I am confused and afraid.

My strength fails me; my body aches; my children are yet lost; and it is night, when jackals run freely and the hyena contends with the lion over much carrion.

Have mercy on the children, Lord.

Spare me their voices in the night; spare me the weeping of souls forgotten and lost—be they familiar, near, and dear.

For the workman cannot save them from folly nor tell them what ears will not hear.

Yet, you God hear our prayers; your blessings blossom beyond measure daily.

Since the days of my youth, you have comforted me and given me life and hope and joy—to sing and dance and clap hands for the joy of your salvation which is near.

But now, let me rest securely until the new day awaits in morning sun with blessings and hope of rest with you, now and always.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Evening Lament

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