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A Christian Guide to Spirituality is being featured in ads starting today on Facebook and Pinterest, among other places!

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Note that the Kindle edition will be on sale for 99 cents from August 13 through August 20.

A Christian Guide to Spirituality is available for sale online (Click here).

Una Guía Cristiana a la Espiritualidad se vende por la red aqui (Click here).

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Cuaresma Venta, Lenten Sale

Una Guia Cristina a la Espiritualidad cubierta
Una Guia Cristina a la Espiritualidad cubierta

Lent is a reflective time when we anticipate the coming of Easter. For this reason, I invite you to deepen your faith through a Lenten study of A Christian Guide to Spirituality which is now also available in Spanish.

A Christian Guide to Spirituality is organized into 50 daily devotions. Each has a theme, a reflection, and a prayer. Questions also follow to deepen your understanding.

To order with a 30 percent discount from the list price, go to:http://BIT.LY/T2PNEUMA (English) or http://BIT.LY/T2PNEUMA2 (Spanish) and enter discount code: 83WZLNW4.

Thank you for your support!


Cover, A Christian Guide to Spirituality
Cover, A Christian Guide to Spirituality
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Anniversary Changes

Oak_tree_09262015This week marks the second anniversary of which was established in 2013.  Thank you for your faithful readership!

The theme of, as outlined in the Home page,  “is online Pastor (or Christian ministry) and related topics.  I try to write about issues from my ministry and from issues of interest to readers.” This theme will continue.  I will, however, in the coming months focus more intentionally on my writing technique.  In particular, I hope to develop the use of a more narrative style taking a page from Jon Franklin’s work: Writing for Story:  Craft Secrets of Dramatic Nonfiction. Hopefully, the quality of my writing will also improve.

My experience is  that online ministry is real ministry. The most popular posts on this blog over the past 2 years have not been the “light and fluffy” posts targeting topical issues or favorable demographics.  The most popular posts have been those that have real substance.  The number one post over past 2 years, for example, has been a hermetical study, Kevin J. Vanhoozer’s: Is There a Meaning in This Text:  The Bible, The Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge (Part 2with 171 viewings.  The number two post has been on leadership, James E. Plueddemann’s: Leading Across Cultures:  Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church with 110 viewings. Both are serious reviews of serious seminary texts.

Effective immediately, I am reducing the number of posts each week to two: a lesson on Friday and a prayer on Sunday.  The lesson will take the form of a review or a reflection. I will occasionally offer other postings, as time allows.

In the coming weeks, I hope also to roll out 2 new series.  The first will be a series of prayers that I develop based on the Life in Tension series. This is an effort to honor the attention that my prayers taken from A Christian Guide to Spirituality in English and Spanish have received over time.  The second will be a new project: a spiritual autobiography.  As this point, I have not settled on a title but I will be working on an outline and title over the next couple weeks.

The oak tree appears on the Hiemstra family coat of arms and, in this case, grows in the parking lot at Oak Marr Recreation Center in Oakton, Virginia.

Yours in Christ,



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Una Guía Cristiana a la Espiritualidad ya está disponible!

Una Guia Cristian a la EspiritualidadSpanish Edition of A Christian Guide to Spirituality is Now Available!

Una Guía Cristiana a la Espiritualidad is now available on in paperback and Kindle EBook.

View the trailer in YouTube:

For a discount on the paperback edition, go to and enter 83WZLNW4 to receive a 30 percent discount.

Para más información en español, véase:

Alternatively, visit my Amazon author page at:

Thanks for your patience!  This project has been a blessing, but also a long time in coming.

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