Top 10 Posts on During 2016


The list of the most popular posts at yearend always makes interesting reading and the 2016 list is no exception. (Click on the post titles to view the post). Here is the listing:

Plueddemann Demystified Leadership Across Culture 71
Martinez Family Ministry: OASIS Mission in Manassas VA 61
La Promoción con Kindle Termina esta Semana 46
The Owl 41
Open Letter to Our President Elect, Donald Trump 28
Joy Riding 26
Living into the Image 22
Vietnam 22
Koerner Explains DBT and Supporting Skills 20
Germany 18

The most popular post in 2016 was a book review written on March 31, 2014. The title is:

James E. Plueddemann.  2009.  Leading Across Cultures:  Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church.  Downers Grove:  IVP Academic.

The topic is leadership in world missions and the book is both informative and controversial.

The second most popular post was a guest blog featuring Pastor Julio Martinez.

Pastor Julio is from Mexico and felt called to plant a church in Manassas, VA. He also has a lively Spanish-language radio show on Tuesday evenings (click on the post for more information).

The third post was an ad that I promoted on Facebook and through Kindle in Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for my Spanish title:  Una Guía Cristiana a la Espiritualidad. During the fall, I abstracted the prayers from this book and published them as a separate eBook in Kindle and EPUB.

The fourth post, The Owl, reflects on a psychology class experience at Parkdale Senior High School. The sixth post, Joy Riding, also focused on my time in high school. The same is true of the eighth post, Vietnam.

The fifth post featured an open letter to president-elect, Donald Trump, the day after the election.

The seventh post is the sermon, Living into the Image, that I preached on September 4th at my oldest daughter, Christine’s, wedding.

The ninth post is a book reviewing an important new approach in psychology for dealing with borderline personality disorder, which was previously held to be untreatable.

The tenth post talks about my experiences traveling and living in Germany as a foreign exchange student.

What is surprising about this list of popular posts? It is perhaps not obvious that both highly technical (leadership in missions; treating mental illness) and highly emotional posts (high school experiences) made the list. It is perhaps also not obvious that Spanish language posts would get a lot of attention.

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Caminata de Oración (Prayer Walk) in Manassas, Virginia

Holy Spirit Cross at First Presbyterian Church of Annandale in Annandale, VirginiaCaminata de Oración

“¿No te he mandado? Se fuerte y valiente. No tengas miedo; No te desanimes, porque Jehová tu Dios estará contigo dondequiera que vayas.” Josue 1: 9

Lugar: Desde el Centro Comunitario de Georgetown South atreves de la comunidad.

Día:     1 de Diciembre del 2016

Hora:  7 p.m.

¿Por qué una caminata de oración?

Para reunir a personas de todas las religiones de dentro y fuera de la comunidad para orar por el alivio al miedo que ha causado el homicidio ocurrido el 25/11/16. La comunidad de Georgetown South en Manassas, Viriginia ha sufrido ocho tiroteos en el transcurso del 2016. El que resulto con graves consecuencias fue el homicidio de José Tomas Velasquez, de 44 años que ocurrió el día 25 de noviembre a la l a.m.

Algunos de estos incidentes están relacionados con los mismos sospechosos, pero todos tienen una cosa común; Los que dispararon  no son de nuestra comunidad.

Ellos vinieron a nuestra comunidad para herir, robar y matar, pero vuelvo a repetir no son de nuestra comunidad.

Ellos necesitan entender que sus acciones no van alterar o detener el progreso de esta comunidad que está trabajando por un cambio a sí mismo.

La Comunidad de Georgetown South necesita entender que es apoyada por todos los presentes esta noche, muchos de los cuales no viven aquí, pero que apoyan a esta comunidad de todo corazón.

Ruta del Recorrido:

Iniciara en: 9444 Taney Rd

Continuando por la Taney hacia la Grant Avenue. Luego procediendo de la Grant hacia la Byrd Dr. Luego Aspen y Byrd hacia l “H” Green (detrás de la 9251 Byrd) hacia Maury y Taney, de la Maury a Buckner Road. Despues a la Taney y retornar al Centro Comunitario.

 Direcciones: Mantengan sus velas encendidas durante toda la caminata para poder ver lo que se esconde de tras de la oscuridad en nuestra comunidad.

Para más información:

Martinez Family Ministry: OASIS Mission in Manassas Virginia (click here)


English translation: Prayer Walk

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Location: Georgetown South Community Center through the community

Date:  December 1,  2016

Time: 7 p.m.

Why a prayer walk?

To bring together people from all faiths from within and outside the community to pray for relief from the fear that has been brought about by the homicide that occurred on 11/ 25/16.

The Georgetown South community in Manassas, Virginia has experienced eight drive-by shootings in 2016. The most serious of which resulted in the homicide of Jose Tomas Velasquez, age 44 on November 25th at lam. While some of these incidents are related with the same suspects, they all have one thing in common; the shooters are not from our community.

They came to our community to wound, rob, and kill, but they are not from among us. They need to understand that their actions will not alter or deter this community’s progress to change itself. The Georgetown South community needs to understand that it is supported by all those present tonight, many of whom do not live here, but who support this community wholeheartedly.


Begin: 9444 Taney Rd

Continue on Taney to Grant Avenue. Proceed down Grant to Byrd Drive to Aspen and Byrd then through the green “H” Green (behind 9251 Byrd) to Maury and Taney, down Maury to Buckner to Taney and return to the Community Center.

Directions: Try to keep your candles lit the entire walk chasing the shadows and what lurks within away from our community.

For more information:

Martinez Family Ministry: OASIS Mission in Manassas Virginia (click here)




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Thinking about publishing your own book?

ccw_banner_12012016Thinking about publishing your own book?

Learn why self-publishing can be an effective way to get your fiction or nonfiction book out to readers – and how the process works!

Featuring keynote speaker Hallee Bridgeman (popular novelist and cookbook author) and workshops on:

· The craft of writing
· The logistical details of publishing
· The marketing process.

Plus, you can participate in targeted group coaching sessions, so you can leave the conference with a firm plan of where to go from here.

Price (including lunch) for nonmembers:
· Early Bird (through Dec.31) $60

Learn more: or 703-691-1676

Register online at

“Self-publishing isn’t easy, but it’s fun and sometimes even lucrative. Plus, your book could change the world.” – Guy Kawasaki, co-author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book

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Open Letter to Our President Elect, Donald Trump

By Stephen W. Hiemstraroses-001

Congratulations on winning a unique and difficult election campaign. You are now to become the 45th President of the United States and spokesman for the free world, all of it. May God be with you and bless you so that you may bless many others.

I voted for you.  Your appeals to the 80 percent of Americans left behind economically over the past 30 years impressed me.  I am convinced that your policies will benefit economically vulnerable groups, like blacks, Hispanics, young people, and women, more than those who practiced identity politics and mainly concern themselves with the affluent members of those same groups. Still, harsh language hurts and I am the only member of my own household to offer you a vote.

My prayer for you is that you will learn to listen, especially to your critics. The president’s job is undoable without the support of many, many helpers. God gave us two ears, but only one mouth, for a reason: Listen. Listen patiently. Listen until it hurts.

Start by listening to God. Begin and end the day in prayer in the privacy of your home. Pray for understanding; pray while you are eating; pray while you are working out; pray while you are deliberating; pray for those you do not understand; pray with your family. As president, the one person who you can always trust is God—look to Christ for your example; ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, protection, and peace.

Listen to those who have gone before you. Invite the living presidents to Camp David on a regular basis for quiet time and reflection. Ask their guidance; apply it when appropriate; gain their trust; and ask for their support.

Listen to other leaders. Invite the Mexican president to the White House as your first foreign visitor and ask his advice on how to deal with immigration and drug trafficking. Invite congressional leaders of both parties to meet with you on a regular basis and let them know that you want them to call you.

Listen to the American people. Appoint a diverse cabinet. Follow Reagan’s lead and delegate responsibility to leave time to focus on key priorities. Take Lincoln’s lead and invite your most able critics into your administration to learn from them and give them a reason to support you. Vanquish your enemies by making them your friends.

May God be with you and bless you so that you may bless many others.

Open Letter to Our President Elect, Donald Trump

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La Promoción con Kindle Termina esta Semana

Compra (pulsa aquí) Más información (pulsa aquí)
Compra (pulsa aquí)
Más información (pulse aquí)
Compra (pulsa aquí) Más información (pulsa aquí)
Compra (pulsa aquí)
Más información (pulse aquí)

Ahora tenemos una “Publica Con Kindle Promoción”  que termina el próximo 31 de octubre.

T2Pneuma Publishers LLC tiene dos libros que participa en esta promoción:

Vea para más información sobre estos títulos o para más información sobre esta promoción (pulsa aquí).

Kindle has an online promotion until October 31, 2016 for titles in Spanish.

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Aparición Especial en Radio Vida Mañana (Special Guest on Radio Vida on Tuesday Evening): Stephen W. Hiemstra

Martinez family

Mañana es un buen tiempo a visitar a Radio Vida. Voy a hacer una aparición especial y voy a enfocar de aspectos de mi nuevo libro, La Vida en Tensión.

(Tomorrow is a good evening to check out Radio Vida. I will be a special guest and will be talking about aspects of my new book, Life in Tension.)

Please join us.

Listen to Radio Broadcast (Spanish)

Radio Vida VA 97.7 FM los martes a las 8:30 p.m. hasta 9:30 p.m. EST (toca)

(Radio Vida VA 97.7 FM Tuesdays from 8:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. EST (link))


Julio and Ana Martinez
11100 Ravine Drive
Manassas, VA 20111

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