Prayer for Moms

Hazel Hiemstra in 1954
Mom and I, 1954

Prayer for Moms

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Dear heavenly father:

Thank you for moms.

Mom, the one who always came running when I got into trouble as a child

and has modeled your presence in my life ever since.

The one who always listens to me,

even when I make no sense and go on and on.

The one who says nice things about me,

even when I feel just awful and beat myself up.

Watch over and protect my mom,

especially when I am not around.

Teach me to remember her patience,

especially when I don’t want to be.

In the power of your Holy Spirit,

help me to be a better son,

like your son and our savior, Jesus Christ. Amen


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Prayer for Vindication


Prayer for Vindication

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Heavenly Father:

Vindicate me.

Argue my case before committees that I cannot attend and protect me from judgmental people who look only for weakness and spin goodness into evil.

You are my refuge; my trusted friend; why does my testing go on and on?

Defend and deliver me cause from the doubts and anxieties that trouble me and leave me weak open to temptations and sins that I choose on my own.

Shower me in your light and truth, led me to your presence, the safe house where I can find rest.

Then, I will commune in your church and find sanctuary for my soul.

Trust in God,  the one who saves and is worthy of praise. (Psalm 43).

Bless me with your vindication that I might vindicate those around me (Genesis 12:3).

In the power of your Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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Prayer When We are Alone

Almighty Father,

Reach out to me this morning and comfort me in my solitude,

lonely, missing one so dear.

I know that I should not be sad for a life well lived,

for someone strong who showed me how to live and then how to die.

Yet, I am sad, because it is my turn to be strong and I do not want to be.

In the power of your Holy Spirit,

grant me time and space and strength to grieve and to let tears flow.

For the season is at hand for such.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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Prayer for Protection

Sovereign Lord:

I praise you for raising me up from the deeps that I had fallen

and have not let my detractors have their day.

You remembered me in my hour of affliction and healed my soul and body and mind.

I need not fear the grave or the hell that others have fallen into.

Praise the Lord, Christians, give thanks and bless his name.

His wrath passes quickly, but his love is forever; our weeping is a night’s misery, but

our weeping is a night’s misery, but our joy comes with the new day.

As for me, because of my many blessings, I will remain strong in the Lord.

You have strengthened my footsteps, but when clouds cover your face, I am distressed.

To you alone do I cry for mercy; if I die, will my bones praise you and tell of your faithfulness?

Hear my prayer; come to me quickly!

For in you mourning becomes dancing; black funeral suits are quickly removed and your joy clothes me daily.

I will sing to you and not stay silent; I will rejoice in your name forever! (Psalm 30)

In the power of your Holy Spirit cover me in my weakness.

Shelter me in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Prayer for Living Water


Art by Stephen W. Hiemstra

Good Shepherd:

Do not leave me alone in this weary land,

where the dust and stand blow in my eyes,

where the heat is good only for raising scorpions,

where I may perish in my own sin and be cut off from people

and where foolish hearts lead people astray (Rom 1:21).

Strike the rock that is my heart with your staff,

that my heart may become wise  and through your Holy Spirit

bring forth springs of living water from which many may drink (Exod 17:6).

And that I too might be saved.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Prayer for Traveling Mercies

Stephen W. Hiemstra, First Car, 1975
Stephen W. Hiemstra, First Car, 1975

Prayer for Traveling Mercies

 By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Almighty Father,

As the Psalmist writes: where shall I go to escape from your presence?

If I climb up in the heavens or dig deep in the earth, you are with me.

If I fly to the rising sun or hide under the sea,

even there you take me by the hand and guide me.

If I think to myself, ah ha, the dark of night hides me,

even the darkness is like the noon day sun to you (Ps 139:7-12).

Thank you, Lord, for being ever near, caring for us—

even when our strength fails us; even when our minds go blank; even when we are not our best.

Place your hedge of protection around the ones we love as they journey through life carelessly

and bring them back to us again through the power of your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


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Prayer Dialogue

Oh dear Lord:

Hear me; answer my prayer; righteous God whom I follow; for you have rescued me from suffering; be even more gracious and listen to my prayer again.

I hear you, but how long must I endure your shaming me? How long oh righteous blowhard will you prefer lies to my word? For I have set my people apart from all this and hear them when they pray.

Do not sin when you get mad; reflect quietly on your actions; trust me and worship truthfully.

Do not listen to those that wait on miracles and wait for me to bless and lead you in every step.

Oh Lord, you fill my life with joy more than banquets and fine wine.

For in you, my mind is at rest; I am at ease and can sleep knowing that I am safe.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Taken from Psalm 4

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Prayer of Rememberance

Blessed Lord Jesus,

We praise you for remembering us—

in our celebrations and joy,

in our loneliness and fear,

in spite of who we are or were or will ever be.

We confess that we forget you—

when things go well,

when pain becomes overwhelming,

when we ought to know better and do not.

We give thanks for Easter—

a time of resurrection, new life, and abundant possibilities,

a time when we know that we are not alone and are loved,

a time that begins a period of waiting for your Holy Spirit.

We ask for eyes that see and ears that hear—

that we might participate in your new life,

that the waiting may come to an end,

that we might transcend life constrained to the here and now

and see the Father in you. Amen.

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Spring Prayer

New Life
New Life

Blessed Lord Jesus,

We praise you for new life;

for not leaving us alone in sad graveyards of our sins and limitations;

for planting seeds in the soil of our hearts,

where daffodils can sprout and grow and flower unexpectedly

and we can participate in your resurrection.

We confess that we seldom look for you or welcome you into our busy lives;

seldom model your goodness to our neighbors;

seldom even try to avoid sin

and iniquity is our default setting.

Thank you for warm spring mornings,

when the sunshine reminds us that winter is not forever, strong winds remind us of your Holy Spirit, and

gentle rain reminds that you give life to all the earth.

Grant us strength for the day; grace for those we meet; and the peace that passes all understanding.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.



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Lenten Prayer

Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross

Holy Father,

In the night, I hear your voice and it gives me comfort,

for I know that you are near and need not fear the darkness.

In the morning, I see your light and I find strength for the day,

knowing that you have ordained it and I need only play my part.

In the afternoon, I hear your footsteps behind me and I do not feel alone,

for your hedge of protection is strong and reliable.

In the evening, I feel your warmth and take comfort in rest,

for you rested on the seventh day and declared it to be holy.

In the shadow of your cross, I confess that my good works are filthy rages in your sight and not all my works are good.

Forgive me, Lord, for the unholy things that I had done and the righteous things that I failed to do,

that I might never leave your presence.

In the power of your Holy Spirit, grant me the strength to forgive the sins of those around me.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


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