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To Deuteron Pneuma means the second wind in Greek.  Among distance runners, the term, second wind, refers to the point after which one has established a pace and begun to be comfortable with the race.  In the context of the New Testament, pneuma is also the primary word used to refer to the Holy Spirit.  Second Wind accordingly can also refer to a special anointing of the Holy Spirit for ministry.


The theme of this website is online pastor (or Christian ministry), writing, and related topics.  I try to write about issues from my ministry and from issues of interest to readers.  If you want to suggest a topic for a review or discussion, leave a comment or send me email (see below).


I  post four times weekly.  Sundays, I post a prayer. Mondays, I post my weekly podcast, Monday Monologues. Tuesdays, I post a book review or guest blog. Fridays, I post a reflection taken from my latest writing project.

Key posts on this site include:

Books, Films, and Ministry              Bothersome Gaps: Life in Tension

Christian Memoir: Looking Back    A Roadmap of Simple Faith

A Place for Authoritative Prayer  The Who Question   Monday Monologues


I write book reviews that I think my readers will enjoy and support my own writing. I receive no compensation for these reviews and typically purchase the book myself. If I receive a book for free, I  try to indicate as such in the review.


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Guest Blogs

You are invited to be a guest blogger.  If you have a post that is consistent with the online pastor theme and would like me to consider it, suggest a topic and, if it seems interesting, I will respond with a possible date.  Then, send your post to me by email (see below) about a week in advance.  A typical post should be 500-1,000 words with a graphic (or photo), a short bio (paragraph), and link to your own blog, website, or email.  MS Word files are easiest to work with. Followers will get a higher priority in the selection process.


I have tagged some of my art work that I use on the blog.  If you would like to use my art, please mention my blog (T2Pneuma.net).  If you want to use someone else’s art, please check with them.


I also encourage readers to offer comments. Note that I review comments (and links) before they are posted to ensure that they are on theme and respectful. I do not require that comments agree with my own views, but am quick to delete spam.

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