Book Give-Away: A Christian Guide to Spirituality

1_Hagia_Sophia_book_cover_front_web_6x9_07282014A Christian Guide to Spirituality is now available and I would like to send you a free copy.  I do ask, however, that you help me out with the following items:

  1. Register to follow me on or on Twitter at @T2Pneuma.
  2. Take a look at my publishers website:  In particular, check out the Leader Guide and Media Guide (text and video both).
  3. Mention on social media or write a review.
  4. Take a brief survey at:  A Christian Guide to Spirituality Reader Survey.
  5. Send me your mailing address (and email) at

If you decide to write a review, please write for your usual audience and also post it on

If you live outside the United States the cost of postage prohibits me from sending a paperback book, but I can send you a password-protected *pdf version for review.

I will honor book requests for at least the first 30 people to respond.  Please be patient as it may take a couple weeks to respond to requests.

If you would like to organize a small group or church-wide study or purchase books to donate to others, please use CreateSpace [1] to receive a volume discount [2].

Thank you for your support.



[1] On purchases of 10 or more copies go to: On checking out, enter the code (U7REX9Q4) to receive 20 percent discount off the list price. For orders of 50 or more copies, enter the code (83WZLNW4) to receive 30 percent discount off the list price.

[2] Financially, the break-even point on this project is sale of two to third thousand books through CreateSpace. Less than 5 percent of independent authors sell over a 1,000 books.Helen Sedwick. 2014.  Self-Publishers Legal Handbook. Santa Rosa, CA:  Ten Gallon Press. (



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