Prayer for Shelter

Life_in_Tension_revision_front_20200101By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Almighty Father,

I praise you for your enduring presence and manifest glory all around. Your glory wakes me in the morning; its sustains my days; and it protects me during the night.

Empty me of all despair and bitterness that deflate my life. Help me to confess my weaknesses, my brokenness, and my sin to make room for your glory, your mercy, and your love.

Heal me with your presence when only your presence will do. Bind up my wounds; give me hope; and guide me in your ways that I might see the new day that you have prepared for me.

In the power of your Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

Prayer for Shelter

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Prayer for Protection

Sovereign Lord:

I praise you for raising me up from the deeps that I had fallen

and have not let my detractors have their day.

You remembered me in my hour of affliction and healed my soul and body and mind.

I need not fear the grave or the hell that others have fallen into.

Praise the Lord, Christians, give thanks and bless his name.

His wrath passes quickly, but his love is forever; our weeping is a night’s misery, but

our weeping is a night’s misery, but our joy comes with the new day.

As for me, because of my many blessings, I will remain strong in the Lord.

You have strengthened my footsteps, but when clouds cover your face, I am distressed.

To you alone do I cry for mercy; if I die, will my bones praise you and tell of your faithfulness?

Hear my prayer; come to me quickly!

For in you mourning becomes dancing; black funeral suits are quickly removed and your joy clothes me daily.

I will sing to you and not stay silent; I will rejoice in your name forever! (Psalm 30)

In the power of your Holy Spirit cover me in my weakness.

Shelter me in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Prayer Day 8: A Christian Guide to Spirituality By Stephen W. Hiemstra

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Heavenly Father. We praise you for graciously sending your son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We give glory to his name—our perfect priest, prophet, and king. In the power of your Holy Spirit, help us also to listen to his voice and obey his commands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Padre Celestial. Te alabamos por mandar graciosamente tu hijo, nuestra Señor y Salvador, Jesucristo. Damos gloria a su nombre—nuestro sacerdote perfecta, profeta, y rey. En el poder de tu Espíritu Santo, ayuda nos también a escuchar a su voz y obedecer sus mandamientos. En el nombre de Jesús oramos, Amén.

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Prayer Day 24: A Christian Guide to Spirituality by Stephen W. Hiemstra

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Almighty Father. We praise you for creating of heaven and earth, creating all that is, was, or will ever be, and creating all things seen and unseen. We look out on your creation and just praise your name. Keep us safe in your hands: seal our hearts; strengthen our minds; and shelter our bodies from all evil. In our hour of weakness, may we ever turn only to you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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