Giving Thanks in Prayer

October table setting of praise and thanksBy Stephen W. Hiemstra

Oh Dear Lord,

We give thanks for our creation that you as Father have made us–

may we reflect your goodness, cherish family life, and grow as stewards of your creation.

Help us to honor your image and live into it.

We give thanks for the salvation that is ours in Jesus Christ–

his life, his teaching, his sacrifice, his death, and resurrection.

Help us to remember not only to give thanks, but to live thanksgiving each day

that our blessing may be shared with all those around us.

We give thanks for the presence that we have in your Holy Spirit–

that sustains us, provisions us, empowers us, heals our wounds, and grants us gifts to share.

Help us to use these gifts to sustain, empower, heal, and share with those around us

that our joy may be the joy of the world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Giving Thanks in Prayer

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31. Prayers of a Life in Tension by Stephen W. Hiemstra

Prayers_of_a_Life_in_Tension_webCompassionate Father,
I give thanks for the walks that we have shared through summer days of my youth.
The forest trails that we journeyed together; the mountain peaks that you showed me;
the sandy beaches that went on and on.
You held my hand; you let me lead; you comforted me without asking.
I worried only about the getting too much sun or avoiding the rain or just how best to have fun—
Thank you. As the years went by you never left me. Thank you.
Teach me now how to take walks again in the autumn of my days.
To travel paths yet untraveled with young hands eager for the journey.
To offer peace and security and comfort and hospitality at odds with my nature but not with yours.
Be ever near through the power of your Holy Spirit and in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Prayer Day 29: A Christian Guide to Spirituality by Stephen W. Hiemstra

Available on
Available on

Heavenly Father. Beloved Son. Holy Spirit. Thank you for teaching us to pray. Be with us as we take new steps in our journey of faith. Open our minds as you have opened our hearts. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Padre Celestial, Hijo Amado, Espíritu Santo. Gracias por enseñarnos a orar. Se con nosotros mientras tomamos nuevos pasos en nuestro camino de fe. Abre nuestras mentes como has abierto nuestros corazones. En el nombre de Jesús oramos, Amén.

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