Relief Prayer

Sand Dune in Ocean City, Maryland
Art by Stephen W. Hiemstra

Relief Prayer

By Stephen W. Hiemstra

Almighty father,

All praise be yours for you are holy, set apart, and righteous

and you have created us in your image,

with the potential to do great things in your name.

We confess that we do not desire to be called Christians,

for we have tarnished your image,

and remain unholy, polluted by the world, and unrighteous.

Yet, we give thanks for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,

and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We ask for strength to resist the besetting weaknesses and sins

that rob our prayers of power and limit the fruit of our ministry.

Guard our hearts and minds in Jesus Christ

that we might run the good race and be victorious in this life

through Jesus Christ in the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.


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